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With more than 30 years of business experience behind us Melnechuk Marketing can help you reach new levels of success with your business. It’s not easy being a stand alone business today. If you don’t already own a franchise you have to rely on instinct to run your business. We’d like to help you. Click the link below to learn how Melnechuk Marketing can can become one of your most valuable assets.

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Marketing Development and Consultation:

We meet with you and discuss your current strategy in the market. We find out everything you want to do with your business and figure out how to do it best. We then help to develop a revised plan with new and innovative strategies that suit your budget and bring your business the maximum return.

We use your best assets to create urgency for clients to do business with you. We recommend a combination of our ideas and your input to help enhance your assets and develop your entire marketing plan. With the help of the global professional partners and alliances we have, we can do everything from your base marketing strategy to your business cards. Every company we recommend is run by professionals who know their trade.

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Real Estate Development Sales and Marketing:

Having worked on some of the most prestigious high end real estate projects in the Bahamas. Melnechuk Marketing can create everything the developer needs from the sales collateral, web design,  staff training, and global promotion to make your development stand out and sell. We have the expertise to find high net worth, ready willing and able buyers for just about every kind of development. Find out more by clicking the link below>

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We find out where your clients are and what mediums reach them the best. We then develop advertising in that media with our partners to create a unique branding for your business and seamless integration between mediums. Our strategy is simple. Get saturation of your business in the demographic you are trying to reach for the best possible price.

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Logo Creation and  Branding:

We use the finest designers in the business to create a logo and brand that you own. When anyone sees your logo, they know you mean business. But if you want to do it yourself visit one of our affiliates and get your logo done for a low as $99.00! These companies create logos for some of the biggest businesses in the world. Visit Logo Design Guru or visit Business Logo Design


Print Services:

Print Ads ● Print Fliers● Print Posters ● Print Invitations ● Letter Heads ● Business Cards ●

Email Services:

E-Fliers ● E-marketing ● E-Newsletters ● E-Blasts ●

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Promotional Items:

T-Shirts ● Lighters ● Mouse Pads ● Pens ● No matter what you are looking for to put your company logo on Melnechuk Marketing can find it for you and at the best possible price.

Video Services:

Video Commercial Production ● Viral Video ● Web Video Marketing ●

Professional Photography:

Melnechuk Marketing has access to the finest professional photographers in the country. We find the professional best suited to your needs and work with them to create stunning portfolios, picture albums and portraits that make your company shine.

Internet Services:

Website Development ● Web Marketing ● Web Optimization & SEO ● Ad Words ● Web Hosting ● URL Purchases & Hosting ●

Website Building: Go To Page

Melnechuk Marketing can build you or your business a custom website. There are a number of options our clients can choose from. We give our clients the choice of being able to build their website themselves from easy to use templates or we can set up the basic structure and you add all your content. Our last option is we do everything! We create your website from the ground up and add the content you want combined with some designer flair to make your website look and act like it was built by one of those professional design firms but at a fraction of the cost. To find out more about all the options we currently offer Call Us or LEARN MORE CLICK HERE>>>>>>>>>>>

Advertisement Placement Services:

Internet Advertising ● Radio Advertising ● TV Advertising ● Newspaper Advertising ● Publication Advertising ●  Sponsorships ● Bartering ●

In-Store Merchandising and Design:

Don’t just have a store or chain of stores, have “THE” store/s everyone wants to shop at. Our expert designers can revamp that old worn look into something vibrant and exciting. Our Professional Merchandisers can turn a lackluster display into a money making section. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, if you clients can’t see your merchandise or imagine themselves owning it, then it won’t sell.

Staff training and Motivation:

Everyone knows your payroll is one of your biggest expenses. If they are not trained right they could be costing you business not making your business. Our training programs are simple and effective. We first of all find out what your staff expectations are and then integrate this into what your business requirements are. If you staff are happy and love what they do, it will be a direct reflection on the bottom line.

Public Relations:

We use some of the best writers and public relations experts in the business to get your story or press release out there. We cover every publication on the island and internet. We provide everything the publication needs to get your story or press release out to the public. We network with local television shows, on and off air news networks to get your business in front of the people you want to reach and help you find new markets and demographics. In many cases this is free to your business but you have to know who to contact.

Our Mission Statement:

Our goal is to help your business grow through a variety of marketing methods, techniques and partnerships our company has established in over 30 years of business. Before we do that we learn about your business and help you find its strengths and weaknesses. We work with you to improve your business by creating a brand around what you do and how you do it.

Melnechuk Marketing finds the best and most cost effective ways of promoting your enterprise through a series of local and international mediums. We deliver your brand to the consumer and create awareness to the target demographic creating a need to visit your establishment, party, event or website. Once there our staff training insures that your new clients will continue to return and patronize your business.

Our goal is to give your business a presence in every medium especially the web. If your business is not actively pursuing a presence on the web you may not have a business in 3-5 years. Whether we do it or someone else does, get your business on the web! It may be frustrating at first but the job will be well worth it in the end and the financial benefits will amaze you.

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