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Welcome to a basic understanding about S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimization. What does this mean? How does affect your website? Is SEO necessary for your website? These are all valid questions that can mostly be answered with a simple word…… Yes! The question of what does it mean has not been answered yet. Essentially, SEO is the task of getting your website noticed by the big boys. Who are the big boys? Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask are probably the ones you’ve already heard about. but there are thousands of them. The better a websites crawlers can crawl your site and the valid content relative to your website the better your chances of being ranked nicely on search pages like Google.

Bank repos bahamasWe’ll give you an really good local example of a website we developed three years ago. It’s a site called Bank Repos Bahamas or With the proper use of content and tag words along with registering the website on every major search engine and thousands of others we were able to get an amazing ranking in the major serach engines just by searching a few easy to recognize word that relate to the web site. Go to and search the words, bank repossessed properties in the Bahamas  or bank properties in the Bahamas, or any combinationation of words that describe your search from repossessed properties in the Bahamas. The result will almost always be the same. Bank Repos Bahamas will appear first and in many case in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position in just about every major search engine.

Our goal when providing your website with SEO will be to make every effort to achieve these goals with limited advertising cost or Google pay per click. We can’t guarantee the same result every time but we know we can get your website noticed. If we have designed your site we will also make sure that your bounce rate is low.

What is bounce rate? It’s the amount of user or visitors that come to your website but never go past the the home page or landing page. It is important to keep your content interesting and  easy to access to avoid having a large amount of bounce backs.  

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