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We’ve been working so hard this year we can’t believe it’s already half over. Thanks to the loyal supporters of all our sites. We have a few surprises for you. Take a look below at all the new websites we are turning out to help business in The Bahamas. 2011 has been a a wild and crazy year. Melnechuk Marketing believes in the web and the benefits of creating a web presence and joining other websites to enhance your business, orgaization or persoal presence.

It is for that very reason that we have developed a suite a “niche websites” that will all eventually go under one unified network called Yes we could have just done everything under one name and called it a day but we realized there are so many business that deserve there own recognizable site so instead of trying to pack thousands of businesses, individuals, organizations and all that other cluttery stuff, we decided to go one better and create individualized websites that are specific to the user and the listing organization. Have a look below:

Bank Repos Bahamas Done! Over 800+ Bank and insurance properties listed!

Bahamas Auto Repos Done! (awaiting content)

By Owner Bahamas (Real estate for sale by owner) Done! List your property yourself and sell it yourself. Save $$$$$ in commissions!

Bahamas Auctions: Done! (Set up your own auction business or bid on items at auction. Coming Soon: Bank, Insurance and Government Auctions

Bahamas Visitor Information Done! List your tourism Related business or organization today for FREE!

Bahamas Realtor Directory (under construction… coming in early July 2011)

The Bahamas Entertainment Guide (under construction 50% complete)

What’s For Lunch Bahamas Done! If you have a business that has anything to do with food, list it for FREE!

Free Bahamas Classifieds Done! Sell your stuff online for FREE!

The Bahamas Got Talent Done! Show the world how much talent The Bahamas has. Join our community for FREE!

Anything Bahamas (just being built) This will be the mother site to our suite of information sites and directories. More information coming soon.

Cellber: Not just for the Bahamas. A directory for everyone who owns and uses a Cell Phone: List you information online or keep it private to people only you want to know it.

List your personal  or business cell phone number and your social links on the first ever global directory for cell phone owners

Check out the site today: Click Here

We’re just getting started and you should too! If you want to take advantage of all the FREE listing and ways you can make money get started now.

To keep these sites operational relies on support from our users so please spread the word and continue to recommend our services. We promise to be there is you need any help.


One site we are very proud of is one we’d like to see everyone in the Bahamas Join. It was our very first effort at building websites and over the last year it has gone through a major transformation.See Below:




Introducing the hottest new website to hit the Bahamas since Facebook!

No kidding, for the last several months Melnechuk Marketing, has been working on a conceptual locally orientated social network that combines the attributes of Facebook, YouTube, My Space and Twitter, in to one uniquely Bahamian website. The Bahamas Got Talent was born  on June 5th 2010 after months of planning and creation. In less than a month The Bahamas Got Talent website has gained more ground than expected ranking in at the 48th most accessed site in the Bahamas.

Why create another social network? If you’ve been following the news lately you’ll know that Facebook has come under harsh criticism for exposing it’s online users information to third party advertisers. This opens Facebook up to a lot of problems from their member base who was assured their information was to be kept private. The Bahamas Got Talent’s policy is to never share information of it’s users with anyone. However this was not the only reason for creating the site.

For too long, Bahamian talent has been kept in the closet, with no way of truly showcasing it to the world through a locally owned medium. Talented individuals have turned to YouTube and My Space as well as Facebook only to have their talents over shadowed by others on the world wide stage. The Bahamas Got Talent, is part of a soon to be global network of franchised social networking sites that will allow talented people in their regions to showcase their talent and have a fighting chance to appear on the global “The Worlds Got Talent” website which will aggregate data from each regional social network and display the top  talent from every region. This particular site will not be a social networking site but a typical website where people from around the world can visit and see who’s really got talent.

Members of The Bahamas Got Talent can set up a profile, add pictures, create groups, forums, blogs and upload videos of their talents for their friends to vote on. You don’t have to have talent to join the site either. It is primarily a regional social networking site with a talent component. Below is a sample of what a members page will look like.


What is so unique about The Bahamas Got Talent is the fact that we have added components to the site that make it interesting for all Bahamian users, such as an online magazine section with top magazines embedded in the site, a packed sports section, lotto results section, online polls and surveys, an online video arcade, TV and movie listings, daily horoscopes, video messaging and so much more.

Users can customized their profile page and make it their own mini website. They can add their favorite music or download our IE or Fire Fox toolbar and listen to literally hundreds of commercial free music stations from around the world. Local radio stations will be added before the end of July.

But rather than reading about The Bahamas Got Talent, why not experience it for yourself. Click here to visit the site, sign up and create a free profile. Then take a look around. We’d love to get any feedback you have. Please email us at and tell us what you think or make a suggestion on what you’d like to see.

Enjoy! Everyone who’s joined so far is.

Updating This article:

We have now released the newest upgrade to The Bahamas Got Talent Website! After months of work, the NEW Bahamas Got Talent website was launched in Late January 2011 and promises to be an even cooler, faster and more interactive social experience.

We ask all talented and wanna be talented Bahamian to join the site and allow The Bahamas Got Talent to Show case their Talent. It’s Free and it’s totally Bahamian!

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