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If you are in business and you are not using email marketing your client growth is probably slower than you’d like. Email marketing is the best way to drive clients to

Expand your business through email marketing

your website or your business. It directly targets a base of customers who opt in for information from your company. This is an integral part of building your web presence and keeping in touch with your client base. As clients find your company on the web (we also provide SEO) you want to encourage them to sign up for information, updates and specials from your company. Having a data base of clients that you connect with regularly is a positive step forward in getting them to patronize your business. But will they?

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is sending unprofessional advertisements to their clients to promote their business. In the interest of cutting cost, business owners opt to design their own flyers using cheap flyer programs and using their business email address by blind carbon copying the mailing list. Only there are a number of problems with this tactic.

First Problem: You are not the only one trying to get business via email. If you send out substandard artwork you give you potential clients a bad impression of your business. Your artwork and email flier design should reflect your business and should be done to at least a basic industry standard. If you do not have someone in-house to do this work for you find someone or Call US.

Second Problem: When you use your personal email address to contact your clients in bulk can cause you spamming issues. If you have more than a hundred addresses you may want to consider using a professional email company like our affiliate below to help you mange and update your client email lists. These services have tons of neat features like click through rates, how many people opened your email and opt outs for people who do not want to continue receiving your emails.

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