Business Consulting Overview:

Real Serious Out Of The Box Thinking That Becomes Reality!

Think Outside The Box

Today everyone is a consultant. It’s almost become a bad word in the industry because so many people have failed at creating businesses of their own that they turn to other businesses owners to share their limited knowledge and collect a huge fee. It’s a huge business today with so many poorly branded businesses losing market share each passing month desperate business owners will do anything to save their business.
Just to be perfectly clear, we can’t promise you that we can wave a magic wand over your business and suddenly make it successful. If you are looking for that you’ve come to the wrong site.

What we can promise you is that we will have a very serious look at your businesses and how it‘s presently operating. We’ll discuss with your goals for the future and how you’d like to acclimate your business for the 21st century. We can on many occasions find out what is causing the hemorrhaging and how you can stop it. We also have partnerships with many successful businesses around the world that can help you reinvent your brand without losing your core values or baseline clients and place that brand in front of new potential clients that you probably overlooked.

See the world from our perspective!

We can’t do all the work, it takes you the business owner to recognize where your problems are and then let us help you address them. We provide the tools and the know-how, come up with new ideas that will increase your business volume by getting your brand in front of clients that will support you.
Each business has its own unique strengths and weaknesses and no two are identical. Some are so strong that their weakness is not an issue for the owner and some have critical weakness that needs immediate attention.
You may not like everything we have to say about your business and certainly may not have realized what your clients are seeing but you will get an insight on how you can fix your problems and start putting money in your pocket again.
Our first 30 min consultation is free. We prefer to do this in person and at your business if at all possible. After we have had a chance to access your business we can present very reasonable pricing on how we can work with you to improve your business. There are no long term contracts and you can cancel our service at anytime.
Melnechuk Marketing reserves the right to decline doing business with any entity at its own discretion and advises any prospective clients that we can only take on a certain amount of clients at one time. If we decline to do business with you we will advise of the reason immediately. In most instances it can just a problem with having too many clients.
To keep our pricing affordable we do not carry huge staff and over heads. We prefer to partner and outsource the tedious work so that we can to the business of improving your business. If the above sounds satisfactory Contact Us. We want to help and we can, for far less than you would have ever imagined.  Don’t say “would have, could have and should have.”  Let your competitors procrastinate while you improve your business and win.
Starting a new business? Even better! We can advise you before you spend your investment capital on the best way to have your business running in no time.

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