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Gambling In The Bahamas

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Gambling In The Bahamas Sounds cliche doesn’t it? Because it is. I’ve been around for 50 plus years and can …

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Bringing Junkanoo Into The 21st Century

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There are lots of wonderful things happening in the Bahamas these days even though many are still feeling the effects …

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Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Blog Looking A Gift Horse

How many times you have heard that statement? For those that do not know, it’s an old saying my mother …

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Soft Launch of By Owner Bahamas Real Estate Listing Directory

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Melnechuk Marketing is making a soft launch of its highly anticipated By Owner Realty Website. This is the first …

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Now Testing Our New Restaurant Directory

Melnechuk Marketing never stops working on new ideas! We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to market businesses …

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Taxation without Representation!

We all understand that in order for our government to exist they must levy taxes against the people so that …

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Duties or Flat Tax?

his is a debate that has many Bahamians either very worried or very pissed off. Our current status as a business individual has been the mainstay for decades. You open a business, you purchase your goods, pay to ship them in, pay duty and stamp tax on your goods and freight, then resell your goods to the Bahamian or tourist at a markup including your landed cost and hope to be competitive.

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Getting business dinosaurs to enter the 21st century


Have you ever wondered how some of the more established Bahamian businesses have less innovation and more archaic ways of …

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While we wait silently

Drilling And Spilling

I always try to keep my blog to interesting and thought provoking topics without having to repeat myself, however it …

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Drilling and Spilling

Has anyone been paying attention to the news lately? If they haven’t the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico should be something every Bahamian should be concerned about. With 200,000 barrels a day spewing out of this disaster for almost two weeks now, can you imagine how much raw crude has spilled into the ocean

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